Big Stone sculpture garden and 13-hole mini golf course

I took the boys mini-golfing yesterday. It was a fine day to do it and we had a free afternoon. Since there were no girls around, I wanted to do something vaguely sporting. I read about this golf course in the newspaper a week ago or so and thought it would be worth the 40-minute drive to go out to see it. It was well worth the drive and the $6 per person fee. The boys had a great time, except Paul had a very itchy eye that prevented him from enjoying it thoroughly. He is now one of the Allergic Folk. The eye got better when we got in the van and turned on the AC and shut the windows.

Anyway, this is the first hole. You have to play through a forest of tree trunks. Jimmy says he got a 4, but I don't see how you can play this hole with any score less than about 10 strokes.

This is a cool, moving sculpture. Jimmy brought his new early birthday present (I had a coupon for it that expired soon and he really wanted it before he goes on the High Adventure trip in a week and a half).
Here is the gazebo hole. Very calm and serene.

I liked this hole best. You have to shoot the ball through the hole in the slab of stone. There is a lip on the end of the ramp that makes the ball hop into the air to go through the hole. Paul got it on his first try. Matt and Jimmy were less than successful. By the way, I paid for a club and ball, but ended up taking pictures instead of playing. I had fun watching the boys have fun.

This was the boys' favorite hole. From the outside, this structure looks like a capsized boat. The holes in the hull are covered with glass, and when the light shines through, the light makes patterns on the turf. It's nice and cool inside too.
This is the black hole hole. You shoot your ball into a tube that feeds the ball into this big bowl where it spirals down and eventually (and it does take a little while) drops into one of three holes. Matt just wanted to drop balls into the bowl and watch them spiral down.
This is the pumpkin garden hole. I've been calling it the lily pad hole, but only because there is a lily pad pond right next to it. But the stone sculptures are pumpkins, and the metal leaves are the pumpkin vines.

The spiral hedge hole.
If you live in the Twin Cities area, check this place out! The couple behind us were there celebrating their 44th anniversary. And since the newspaper article came out, the clubhouse attendant said that business had quadrupled. The place is on an organic farm and they plan to keep adding holes and sculptures.


froggybaby said…
That is the coolest mini-golf place I've ever seen!! Looks like fun. Hayley is doing good. She told me today at Home Depot that a tree looked just like a palm tree. I explained that it looked like was because it was one. She told me I sounded like you.
HA! I'll bet she was embarrassed a little when you told her that she was in fact, looking at a palm tree. I didn't know we sounded alike though.

Tell my Cheeky that I miss her. I'm surrounded by BOYS (Katie's gone) and I am feeling the loss of my huggy girl.
Where is that golf course?? Devin started golf lessons last week. He'd probably get a kick out of that!
It's in Minnetrista (by Mound). Google Big Stone Golf course--they have a website with directions on it. Then again, their directions coming from the south end of town weren't entirely complete, so I would find their address and mapquest it.
Jen said…
Way cool! We'll have to try to get there when we visit one time.