June's first list of Ten Things

1. Today is Katie's LAST DAY of high school. And she only has the one class (band) but she's staying the whole day to annoy teachers, hall monitors, and counselors with her unjustified presence at school. (smiley) She took her camera and is probably filling up her memory card with memories.

2. I am supposed to be exercising, but it's raining out and I wanted to blog instead. Lucky you.

3. I found an avocado among the grocery non-perishables I let sit around for a week before I put them away. Poor avocado. But he seems ok. I might eat him today.

4. It's still raining.

5. I'm still not exercising.

6. I'm still blogging.

7. And I've run out of ten things. Let me think a minute...

8. While casting about for something to say, I remembered that Matt made an unusual observation yesterday about something. BUT I'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT WAS! I was driving which is why I didn't write it down immediately.


10. We were driving into the Target parking lot and Hayley saw one of her old teachers (Ms. A, who she had twice--first and third grades) from school. Matt said he'd seen some of his teachers from school at Target and then said something to the effect of "Girl teachers like to shop at Target."

I wonder where boy teachers like to shop?


froggybaby said…
Jen's to-do list:
1. Check out at school
2. Drive to Minnesota

Yeah!! Can't wait to be there and see y'all (yes, I do that on purpose.)