Party Prep Objective Two

Did most of it.

I baked the cake, which is now in the freezer. Jimmy was a big help--he mixed up two of the cake mixes (I used three total). Here is a picture of him making a mix. Katie was also a big help. She made 48 chocolate cupcakes. 48 white cupcakes still need to be made. I'll probably do those tomorrow morning.

I spent the rest of the day hunting down Katie's school pictures. That is WAY harder than it sounds. I didn't get really organized about keeping pictures and labeling pictures until she was probably in 4th grade. Anyway, most of the pictures were where I thought they'd be, but a few had gone "walkabout" and didn't seem to want to be found. One is still AWOL--her kindergarten picture. I have a small one in her baby book, so if I'm in dire need, I will use that.

OH, I didn't spend ALL my time looking for pictures! I forgot--while the cake was baking, I played Froggy Farkle with Katie, Jimmy and Paul. I know you want to see pictures of some of us rolling dice.It's a fun game! I won a game and Katie won a game. Then it was time to get the cake out of the oven.