Ten Things To do today

1. Wake up. (slap!) Wake up!

2. Enjoy shoulder not hurting from tetanus shot. It only just stopped hurting yesterday.

3. Try not to scratch mosquito bites acquired at last night's baseball game--despite having sprayed on repellent (!!!). Jimmy and Paul's team won. Paul stole some bases, and scored, Jimmy hit a solid line drive which scored some base runners, and he also came in to throw one pitch to save the game. All hail to the centerfielder who caught the ball that the batter hit off that one pitch!

4. Wake kids up and harangue them until they get their chores done. Explain to Katie that when she leaves packaged crackers on the floor in the family room overnight that the cats WILL claw them open and make a large mess. Have her clean up the mess.

5. Tell Jimmy to stop texting.

6. Wave goodbye to older children as they go over to Grandma's house to do yard work.
6a. Enjoy the quiet of just having Matt around (HAHAHAHAHA!) Amendment: Matt wants to go to Grandma's to do yard work...Dare I think of having the house to myself for a few hours today??? I'm almost giddy with anticipation!

7. Exercise

8. Miss Hayley (although I'm sure she is having a grand time, even though I have no pictorial evidence that she is even in Florida).

9. Make bed, clean kitchen, scrub bathroom tub, do laundry, make dinner



froggybaby said…
SO JEALOUS OF THE STAR WARS THING! Clint Collard is dying to go but St. Paul is the last stop of the tour. And I am working toward evidence of Hayley in FL. I even have a picture ready for blogging, but I haven't gotten to that point yet and the blog process was being tedious and tempermental last night. You will get proof soon enough!