Summertime and the livin' ain't easy

Welcome to summertime here at the shoebox castle. The weather is PERFECT. Love me some mid-70s with low dew points!

Posting will likely be a bit less frequent this week as I gear up for Katie's grad party on Saturday. Today's party prep job is buy dirt and some flowering plants to put in the deck planters, which I will do in a little bit. I spent the morning exercising, hovering around little 'uns as they did their summertime job routine, and pestering the big kids to do their jobs. Then we went over to Jake's house for lunch and chit-chat with cousins and siblings. While Jen and girls are here, we must do the get-togethers! :)

Now I'm home, the kids are tired (so am I) and Katie is at work. But I must press on and get my behind over to Cal's nursery for greenery.


froggybaby said…
And I'm glad you came to lunch. I thank you for scheduling around our visit so we can get quantity time in as well as quality time. It was a nice afternoon. It makes it even harder to live far away.