Some actual interesting content

OK, I thought of something to post about.

My new knitting project is a scarf for Matt. Since Hayley got the heart scarf, he wanted a fair distribution of handmade items, so I am making him this:
You can kind of see the image. But for a better look, we move away from viewing it straight on to bending down a little and viewing it from a more horizontal position and VOILA!
Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" like an alien head scarf.

Now for a birdie update. I went for a day without taking a picture of them, and they went and got a complete makeover. Instead of being hungry baby birds, always looking for attention, they are sullen teenage birds, sleeping in and ignoring your attempts to engage them in conversation. Perhaps they are still mad at me for the last time I showed up and had nothing for them.


froggybaby said…
We are very impressed with your alien. Maddie was having trouble processing the whole thing, but maybe in real life, she'll understand. Your baby birdies are very cute.