Early June, 2008

And she's done. Katie has graduated.

No, I did not cry. I was too excited for her. Who am I to be sad when she is happy?

Here she is, marching in. She is holding the class flower, a yellow gerbera daisy.
Katie and I, enjoying a mother/daughter moment.
Katie and her father, enjoying a father/daughter moment.
And now a parents/child moment.
And a whole family moment.
This is Katie and Tyrel. Tyrel is the autistic boy that Katie works with. Tyrel was there because his older brother graduated too.
Katie and her cousins--the cousins drove all through the night to get here in time to celebrate Katie's big day. We thank you, Jen, Travis and girls, for coming out to MN for Katie's graduation! Now get some sleep.Grandma O was there, as was Grandpa and Grandma H. But we didn't get pictures with them.

Jen and I kept ourselves amused, especially when we discovered that the sign language interpreters were not only signing each graduate's name, but signing any congratulatory or celebratory noises made by the crowd. They'd sign a "WOO!" and point to the part of the stadium that it came from. And as the loudness of the "WOO!" would vary, so varied the intensity with which they signed the "WOO!"


win zaw said…
conglaturation to u.
i visited to ur nice blog.
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a lot of thanks.
be happy to....
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Marie said…
Hi! I found your blog while browsing and really enjoy it.

Congratulations to Katie and your family!

Marie :)
Jen said…
Congrats, Katie! How wonderful for her to complete this stage of her life. We really wish we could have been there, but Mike graduated on the same exact day.

Can't wait to see everyone next month!
Dennis said…
Congraduations Katie. I'm so pleased we were able to be there to see you. Graduation is such a major accomplishment and one you will remember always.
We love you.
Grandpa & Grandma H.
Congratulations Katie! I hope we can make it to your grad party!!!!
Grandaddy said…
So proud of such an accomplished young lady. You know how pleased we all are of you at this time. So, never let us down. How's that for pressure? I will always remember the playing and singing from just over a week ago......
froggybaby said…
Katie - we are so happy to be here for this great event. You looked great, seemed happy, and you will be well cared for in life. Go forth!! Love, jen & trav
Grandma Olsen said…

What a nice ceremony. You looked lovely in dark blue. Now you are really responsible for yourself. Be healthy and happy!

Your sometimes accompanist,
Grandmother Olsen
Katie says thank you all for the well wishes. She was very tired today after the senior lock-in. But she came home with a duffel bag full of prizes. Which she has not put away yet.
Rozzie said…
good job katie!!!!!!! I enjoyed going to your graduation!!!
love Rozzie