Lost and Found

Katie's kindergarten picture was finally rounded up. It was in the black hole of the house--the place where things slip into an alternate universe never to be seen again--Jim's closet. The picture was inches away from vanishing, I'm sure. Actually, I never would have thought to look in Jim's closet. EVER. NEVER EVER. But Jim, with his ability to swoop in and solve all my problems with a shrug and a quick look around, casually reached on hand into his closet, brought down a pile of old wood frames, and it was one of those framed pictures! We now have a complete set of Kate's school photos! Thank you Jim!

And there was much rejoicing! Yay!

In preparation for the next four graduation parties, I found and sorted everyone else's school pictures. So I just saved myself lots of time two years from now!

And there was much rejoicing! Yay!


That's funny...the "black hole" of our house is Alyssa's bedroom. Seriously, you can find anything there....tape measures, movies, socks, nail clippers...we've even found a "Recessa-Annie". I think that's where Hoffa is buried. We actually refer to it as the "A**hole" of the house. It's soooo messsy!