I'm still trying to recover from hosting that party. I had nightmares the night AFTER the party!! What was up with that???

And yesterday, I had an adventure with my mother and her sister (Dorothy) and her sister's husband (Tom). We drove an hour and a half or so to attend my cousin's son's graduation party. Tom is a scream, mostly because he is SO exasperating--he's bossy, opinionated, demanding, and self-centered. Dorothy doesn't put up with much from him; she was rolling her eyes at everything he said and she even hit him once with her water bottle, when he was berating my mom for driving the way she was. Mom is used to his behavior and doesn't get bent out of shape when he gets critical. Anyway, I sat in the back and chuckled the whole way up to Duelm and back. When we got to Dorothy's house, Mom leaned over to me and said, "I'm glad we brought Tom so I could see him NOT get his way." I replied, "You brought him along so you could be mean to him?" and she smiled with guilty pleasure on her face.

The grad party was very nice--I had a nice chat with my cousin, who I haven't seen in years (since her father's funeral), and her children are so grown up! I remember seeing the older three when they were quite young. And William, who graduated, looks just like his grandfather, my uncle Bill, of whom I have many fond memories.

Yes, I deserted my husband on Father's Day. But I asked him first and went only with his OK. We did make him breakfast: eggs, sausage, and left over fruit from the party. And I'm sure he helped himself to the leftover chicken wings too. He loves those buffalo wings, Jake.

What I should have posted yesterday:
Jim is a great dad. Today he is volunteering at Matt's Cub Scout Day Camp, along with Jimmy and Paul. He's a good example to his boys--they'll all be great dads if they follow Jim's example. He listens to his children, he disciplines them gently (unless they are REALLY annoying--then he might raise his voice a decibel or two--he hasn't ever yelled at them, though), he attends as many performances and games as he can, and volunteers at their events when he has the know-how and time (He's coached baseball for many years!). He is a supportive and kind husband. He never gets mad at me either, a difficult feat as I even frustrate myself.

Happy Father's Day Jim; you are wonderful!


Thanks so much for making the trip up! And again I apologize for missing Katies. It was great to see all of you! And I hope we get together again soon!