Monday Menagerie

The journaling class is over! I only had to teach it once because the person in charge decided that everyone should go from one class to another in one group (it was a very small group--but that's ok. I'd rather teach to a small group anyway) so instead of doing four classes, I did one AND I got to attend the other classes which was nice! The conference was for single men and women in our church, and when I walked into the first class, I saw an old friend of mine. She looked shocked to see me there, and no sooner had I sat down then she asked me what I was doing there. I told her I was teaching and she looked so relieved and said, "Oh good! I thought you had divorced your husband!" I laughed out loud and assured her that I would never divorce Jim. She said, "I didn't think you would, but seeing you at a singles activity, I wondered!"

In other news, Jim and Jimmy are at their Scout camp activity. Cell phone reception is nonexistent in all parts of the camp but one so I have only heard from him once when he was in that part of the camp for a leaders meeting. I miss my husband, especially this morning when Paul informed me that the garage door won't open. I had to wrangle with the manual opener and in the process, popped the light covers off the machinery. I think the chain is broken. Sigh.

When I am beset with dilemmas and problems and unforeseen events such as the broken garage door, I need a pick-me-up. Fortunately the day is beautiful and I wandered around my yard in search of happiness.

Happiness came in the form of:

a blooming pea plant

rows of beans
looking up at my deck and seeing the morning glories climbing the balusters (HA DAD!) and the lobelia poking through
the first rose bloom of the year
and seeing Magic gazing out the window, judging all he sees and finding it wanting.Unlike Magic here, I love me some nature. Especially the pretty kind that stays put and doesn't encroach in parts of the yard where I don't want it to be.

And if you would like to see a picture of my Floridian daughter holding a shark, go to Froggybaby's Pond. Thanks be to Jenni, Travis, Morgan, Roz, and Maddie for hosting my Cheeky-Pie and providing her with such grand adventures!


froggybaby said…
Love the pictures!! Nothing better than to see gardens in bloom. And a kitty watching over it showing his displeasure at whatever you do.