Party Prep Objective Three

There was no objective for yesterday, except have Jenni and girls over and watch "Merlin." Due to time constraints and the need for dinner, I didn't get to finish watching it, so I'll have to put it on my netflix queue. Enjoyed the chat, Jen, and enjoyed seeing the kids get along and have fun together. Also enjoyed the visit from the firefighter, who was a herald of irony. Get this: a storm was brewing to the west of us last night and firefighters had to go door-to-door to warn everybody because the city's siren system disabled by lightning a few days ago. HAHAHAHA! A storm put out the storm warning system! We laughed for quite awhile and totally ignored the warning from the fire fighter. We had lightning and rain, but it never turned into severe weather.

Objective three-a (yes there are subsets to my objectives) is to continue to percolate a possible sinus/ear infection so that it's ready to cause pain and anguish when party time is upon us. (the previous sentence is an example of "sarcasm.") Every time I blow my nose, my ear canal burbles. Just lovely. Argh.

Objective three-b is to take my Humanities final. I took it this morning and at the very worst, I will get a B+ on it. Hopefully I'll get an A in the class.

Objective three-c is to make 6 batches of buttercream frosting/icing for the cake and cupcakes. 2 are finished. 4 to go. I'm waiting for more butter to soften and so I am taking a mental break.

Objective three-d is to make a poster for the grad party. It's going to be a guestbook/advice-giving thing the party attendees can write on.

Objective three-e is to not be bothered by the sound of Paul's shoes in the dryer. And hope that they don't break the dryer.


Scribbit said…
Hope that final went well for you!