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Aaaaaaaaaaaah, sweet air conditioning, how I love you. It was a bit on the toasty and humid side yesterday, and I prefer to be on the slightly chilly side of life. Don't know why I started this post off with that. Guess it's just the Minnesotan thing to do to mention the weather all the time.

Now onto another topic: Things I should have done yesterday vs. Things I did.

Things I should have done:
Dusted in my bedroom
Cleaned and organized the sewing room
Dusted ceilings
Cleaned kitchen cupboards
Organized around the computer desk

Things I did:
Wandered around the yard, resetting the sprinkler several times
Ate a Fudgesicle (or two)

Random old pictures time:

It was the 80s; of course I got perms then. Mom was my hair stylist. Dig the wallpaper. No wonder Mike was hyperactive back then. With that on the walls, how could anyone be calm?
Julie was the sixth kid in the family. She was loud, obnoxious, bold, outdoorsy, funny, crude, imaginative--pretty much everything I wasn't at the time. She was my best friend. If it weren't for her, I would have spent all day in my room, not ever wanting to go out. We put together this hamburger puzzle many many times. This was the last time we did it, though because we glued the pieces together. Whatever became of the hamburger puzzle?


Jen said…
Ha, a hamburger puzzle. That is definitely 80's. Perms are, too. I was a permy until my 2nd year of college.

I'm glad to hear that you weren't an outdoorsy person. Mike gets mad at me for not being one either and implies that his whole family was more like him.
No, I am not outdoorsy. I don't like being bug-ridden, and mosquitoes find me all too tasty a treat for me to enjoy being outside without coating myself in a generous slathering of bug repellent (which I also hate). I don't like being sweaty and dirty either.

But I have enjoyed going on the last two camping trips with my husband and kids. The showers and toilets at the campgrounds where we stayed were tolerable. I could never do Boundary Waters. Pit toilets scare me.
froggybaby said…
The 70's and early 80's just were not kind to anyone. Look at all our hairstyles!! Julie's is none to pretty, neither!! And there is another picture featuring The Glasses!!
froggybaby said…
I just realized that isn't me in the picture, but Tomi Schonecker!! Who knew?