Party Preparation Objective Number One


For your viewing pleasure, I give you two planters that have been filled. With Katie's help, I am one step closer to hosting a grad party.
If you plan to attend the party on Saturday (2 to 6 p.m.--if I have met you in person, you are invited--if you need directions, comment and I'll figure out a way to contact you), see if you can locate these planters! Bonus points if you spot the third planter not pictured on this blog. Extra 50 bonus points if you name all of the flowers in these two pots.

Pictures ahead: Afternoon family gathering involving some of the many kids in my extended family. Wish more of the extended family kids were able to attend (you know who you are), but alas, we take any cousins we can get at any one time.

Also, check out a new link on my sidebar: Graphjam! It's funny, it's pop culture, it's in easy-to-read graph form!


froggybaby said…
I LOVE the planters. I look forward to seeing them in person tomorrow. We are wishing we could stay for the party. (sad face) But glad we were here for the ceremony!