Last day of school

Picture dump with a quiz:

Katie and Jimmy are:a) Sad to be out of school
b) Playing a really lame game of hide and seek (Jimmy is counting and Katie is hiding her forehead behind her hand)
c) Exasperated with their mother because she is taking pictures for the blog--after all it is a special occasion (the last day of school!)

Paul is somewhat happy because:

a) Katie said she would sign his yearbook.
b) Having no thumbs is considered cool.
c) He isn't. His mother just caught him before he realized that there was a camera in her hand.

These baby birdies are:
a) feeling a little cooped up in their tiny nest
b) excited to show off their new plumage

Jimmy's hair:

a) is a result of a collision with a wall of hairspray
b) is getting ready to take wing and fly away
c) looks like this because he and his sister are goofing around with a large piece of cardboard.

a) discovered the roller coaster in the kitchen and went for a ride
b) stuck her finger in an electrical outlet
c) is the recipient of a blast of air from the same piece of cardboard that fanned Jimmy's hair.