The shoebox castle is full of tired feet




I'd be faceplanting into my bed right now, but my bed is still full of all the detritus we cleared out of the kitchen, dining room, and living room to make space for the party. So no faceplant until I do some more cleaning.

Once the party got under way, I had a ton of fun and Katie had two tons. When Katie's band teacher showed up, my mother asked him if he and Katie would perform. So there was an impromptu recital in my living room. I laughingly apologized to Mr. K that he had to come to a party and perform. He said he didn't mind, and said "we must obey grandma!"

The party lasted about 5 hours (one hour longer than we had planned, but that's ok). My brother Jake did an AMAZING job with the food. We got many many compliments on the spread. And my mother got a compliment on her potato salad from the president of a local culinary school. He loved it and wanted the recipe.

The weather was perfect, by the way! Perfect perfect perfect!

What about pictures, you ask? Of course I took pictures!

The school colors themed decorations.

Katie displayed her prom dress with her other high school memoribilia.
The picture portion of the shrine to the graduate.
The big poster we made for guests to say something to Katie. The poster is surrounded by all of Katie's school pictures by year.
The tree o' cupcakes
The food. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The meatballs were eeeexcellent. The wings were yummy! The strawberries were huge, but unlike most huge strawberries, these ones were delish!
I asked Katie what she wanted on her cake and she said "music." So I asked her what kind and she found a measure from "Carnival of Venice." So I had to replicate it in icing.
The cake before:
The cake after:
Katie and Grandpa and Grandma H.
Now I want my bed. I need my bed. Sleeeeeeeeeeep...


mastubz said…
Looks like it was a swell party. Congrats to Katie on her graduation. Nothing is more fun than an occasion to celebrate with family. Consider this a prep course for wedding receptions. I would stay on good terms with Jake!!
Dennis said…
It was an excellent party for an exccellent young lady. I could have eaten strawberries for the entire afternoon - they were huge and very juicy and sweet. Terrific food all around. Thanks Jake. Wedding reception or college graduation, either way I'm looking forward to the next one. Two more years and it will be Jimmy's turn. WOW !!!