Coincidence or metaphor?

This morning, I went out to look at the birdies in the nest under the deck. But they were gone. And all I could think of was how fitting it was that they would leave the nest on the very same day that Katie celebrated commencement. I stood there for a moment and wondered what would become of those little birdies, who probably weren't the best fliers, food finders, or hiders from danger. But somehow, nature and mommy and daddy robin help them along and eventually, those two baby birds would survive and live to find their own way and take care of themselves.
Now I'm getting sentimental, I guess. I'm not really worried about Katie, even though what she has planned for her life may not come to pass. Somehow, life carries on and all we can do is choose to be happy, regardless of dreams or plans. All we can do is do our best, but if things don't work out, there are always other options.

Bye-bye birdies (conscious reference to the musical, which Katie participated in during her sophomore year). I still have Katie around for a while longer, and with technology making the world so small, she will always be within shoutin' distance. Or we will be within shouting distance for her.