Verbal Thumb-twiddling

The house seems awfully quiet without Granddaddy around. We are back to the routine of days with nothing to use as an excuse to get out of responsibilities--last week, I got out of a couple of things by saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, Jim's dad is in town." Not that that is ALL Jim's dad was good for, no. We hardly ever get to see Jim's dad, so it's nice to have him around. He was a fresh audience for the performers and we got to tell stories of the kids to someone who hadn't heard them yet.

Yesterday evening was a quiet but hot one. We had to break out the fan and put it near our feet as we played a round of Settlers of Catan. Jimmy and Hayley went to another family's house for waffles, so Paul, Katie, Jim and I sat down to play. Matt busied himself with drawing. Jim won the game, but Paul was a close second.

Boring post, isn't it? I'm putting myself to sleep.

Katie graduates at the end of the week. Tomorrow is her last day of high school. Wow.