I have not been neglectful.

I don't know what I've been, but what ever I was, I wasn't neglecting the blog. I know--I already had like 46 posts for the month of May, so I was giving my fingers a rest.

I have more pictures to share today, but not from the Jims' trip.

This is Paul getting ready to bat for the first time in the PLAY 8-10th grade league. When he got up to bat, he hit a line drive, but it was right at a player, so he was out. It's nice to have Jimmy and Paul on the same team. Only two teams to schedule around this year, instead of three, which has been the case for the last three years.
Matt got on base on a walk. He is the king of chatter at games. He's always supportive of his teammates and he never complains when he has to be "bench coach" (what they call the kids who are sitting on the bench for an inning).
Jim and Jim head off to the airport. We had a good visit with Dad/Granddaddy. He got to see two thunderstorms, complete with hail while he was here. He got to see baseball games (one rained out ) and Katie sang for him and played the flute. He watched Grandma O. give piano lessons to Matt and Hayley. We enjoyed having him here.
Baby birdie update: Two very hungry birds thought I was bringing them something.


froggybaby said…
Take me out to the ballgame!! And, I can't believe you'd let those birdies go hungry. You shouldn't be snooping around unless you have food to offer; maybe a little regurgitated worm (ABC worms).