Eye-Q test

Pop quiz time! Did you study? I'll bet not. Next time you'll be prepared, won't you?

Match the eyeball with the Shoebox Castle person. Your choices are Jim, Me, Katie, Jimmy, Paul, Hayley, and Matt. Each person will be used once.
If you incorrectly identify the sixth eye, I shall come after you with a genuine Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle. (bonus point: Identify the movie reference. Second bonus point for correctly identifying what I would do to you with the Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle, based on the movie reference)

Prize for most correctly identified is a pair of prescription sunglasses. They are heavy and the frame style is very out-of-date.


froggybaby said…
We let Hayley guess this one and it was pretty tough. I did have to give the hint of "eye Make-up" and she giggled. No, Paul doesn't usually or ever wear make-up. She got the quote immediately as being from "A Christmas Story." There was also a bit of confusion on #'s 1 & 2.
1. Paul
2. Matt
3. Katie
4. Hayley
5. Jimmy
6. Mom
7. Dad
even tho my mom probly got them all right, can i still get the sunglasses?
Sure! Yes, your mom got them all right.
froggybaby said…
They were Hayley's guesses.
Morgan can still have the glasses.
And the bonus points. Immediate family is excluded from winning the prizes.
i guess ill share the glasses with hayley.
Jen said…
I would have guessed the same as Jenni, but she beat me to the punch. Are there any booby prizes? (Ha, couldn't resist! I wonder what kind of google hits you'll get now.)