25% fewer children, 90% less loudness

Matt's gone. He boarded a bus bound for northern MN for five days of environmental learning, cafeteria food, dorm living, and enough fifth graders to take over an island nation.

He's been so excited to go to Wolf Ridge for ages because he's witnessed every single one of his siblings go, and heard their tales of excitement and adventure when they got back. When Katie went, she took along some trepidations regarding certain activities because she had no older siblings to tell her what it was REALLY like. Matt has had the luxury of hearing from four siblings the best (and worst) of Wolf Ridge and is not at all afraid to go. He was chomping at the bit and he was so excited to leave me that he almost forgot to give me a parka-lined hug.

I am glad that this is the last Wolf Ridge trip in the family. I am tired of enduring the fundraisers, as are, I'm sure, the neighbors, who have been nothing but gracious during the endless parade of Evans' beggars marching up and down the street.

Because of the flu outbreaks, the children were required to have their temperature taken before getting on the bus this morning. When it was Matt's turn, the administerer of the thermometer asked him if he was cold. Apparently he wasn't registering a high enough temp on the thermometer. He shook his head. She asked him if he had recently had a drink of water. He shook his head. I said, "He was taking huge gulps of air in the car to make sure he didn't have a temperature." She laughed and the thermometer finally beeped with acceptance of Matt's body temperature. She gave him the necessary pink x on his hand to show that he was both possessing of sufficient body heat and free of feverish excess of same, and she sent him on his way.

Jim and I watched the little thing run off to join his friends (with nary a backward glance in our direction) in the gym to get organized into their groups, and then watched his bags as they were loaded onto the big industrial-strength buses (no school buses, these; the kids were going in style with a coach-style bus complete with an onboard bathroom--several older sibs told Matt to try to sit as far away from it as possible--and cushioned seats). Then we drove home assuring ourselves that the adult chaperones will take good care of him.

I'm sure he will have a good time. It will be quiet around here.


Jenni said…
I can't believe it is Matt's turn to go to Wolf Ridge!! WOW. I've been hearing about that place forever. You know our schools would never allow that kind of fun. It is too dangerous. Curse Florida!! I hope he has a blast and I hope you are able to have some peace and quiet for the week!!
Jen said…
What a fun adventure for all your kids! Finally, Matt gets his turn. It must be so hard for him to watch 4 other siblings to get to do all the "big kid" stuff, and never feel like he'll get the opportunity. Mike says he can remember feeling like that when you/Jenni got to go YW Camp.

My school(s) never did anything quite so adventurous. We only went on day field trips and never very good ones.