My marriage is legal

My marriage can buy alcohol now. Not that it will though; it's a good marriage and it does what it's told, and it has been told not to frequent bars.

Jim and I have been married 21 years today. I don't think we've ever had a rocky period, except for that one time early on (sometime in July 1989) when he got mad at me for freaking out over being pregnant (with Katie), which I probably deserved. I thought he was going to divorce me for two whole hours. Although if you asked him (not in my presence) he might say we HAVE had a rocky period (go ask him and then tell me what he said. No I'm not 14, why do you ask?). He's never mentioned not liking me so I'm guessing that he's been ok with "us" for these 21 years.

He DID have cold feet before we were married though. I sincerely hope that he doesn't regret taking action on those cold feet. And that's why we keep lots of blankets on the couch downstairs--no cold feet.

That Was Then feature
This grainy photo was taken not at our wedding (for pictures of our wedding, see here.) This was taken 10 months afterward at Jen and Travis's wedding.
There is no This is Now feature. Jim and I haven't been in a picture together since last year when a different Jen took our picture near a coffee shop.

Ten things I like about Jim (Note to self: no copping out by listing his fondness for doing dishes)
1. He isn't tall. No neckaches for me when we smooch!
2. He was willing to let me pick the number of kids we had. He wanted three. We never argued about it, he just said he was fine with three but I was the one who had to have them so if I wanted more, he was ok with it.
3. He gets Hayley up in the morning for school. She has to get up at six a.m. I can't see straight at six a.m.
4. He has never once said that whatever I made for dinner was yucky or overcooked or not his favorite.
5. He taught the kids by example to thank me for dinner. In turn, I try to remember to thank those who helped, or return the favor when he makes the food (or gets the pizza).
6. He likes to go grocery shopping with me when he can and he doesn't criticize my shopping choices. He also doesn't add to the cart (with chips and pop) when I'm not looking.
7. He doesn't make me justify my non-grocery shopping.
8. He is not afraid of big hairy spiders that lurk in the bathtubs, dangle from the ceiling, and scurry across the floor late at night.
9. He likes to take me out on dates.
10. And hold my hand.

Kisses, Jim!


Congratulations to the both of you! And what a fun picture.
Dennis said…
You didn't say that in that picture you were pg. Jim is a terrific guy and I'm glad he is so good to you.
Jenni said…
Nice post!! Congrats on your anniversary. I'm glad you are happy. And that picture was taken on a good day, too, so it is a nice picture. I've never seen that one!
Jen said…
Happy Anniversary! Wow, 21 years. Congrats to you guys for staying happy with each other for all those years. These days, that says a whole lot. Jim is a great guy, and you are each blessed to have such wonderful mates:)