I got to play with some friends today (one friend related by marriage and the other by blood). Both of these friends brought other friends along with them for playdates with friends of mine that I keep in the house. Mike's Jen came with Mimi and Violet and Jessie came with Bon. Mimi played with Fake Child and Bon played with my kids.

Jen, Jessie, and I sat upstairs at the table and crafted and talked (and ate treats).

Picture recap

Mimi hugs her foot
Jenny is SO EXCITED to be here
So Jen was sitting on my couch and fingering an afghan sent to me by a different Jen. Something poked her. She found this many pins in the afghan. And this is in addition to the four I found previously. Jenni in Florida: that old lady must be wondering what happened to all her pins.
Here Violet demonstrates the proper rolling-over technique
Jessie and Jen get started. Each of us picked a Halloween (yes, Halloween) craft for which we bought the supplies for three sets. Jen did countdown blocks, Jessie did a Halloween advent calendar on a cookie sheet and I did a framed piece spelling out "boo." You'll see the finished results in a little bit.
Jessie is happy to be here.
I stole the baby
Hayley and her cousins. I LOVE Mimi's expression!
Mimi and Fake Child play in a box
The boys play Wii with Bon. Side note: I forgot to tell the kids that I was having a craft day so when the kids came home from school I had to make introductions. I forgot to introduce Paul to Bon, so a few minutes later, Paul came upstairs and said, "Who's that guy downstairs?" I had to laugh because the poor kid probably thought I was going crazy and letting strangers hang out in the basement.
OK, here's what we did. This is my craft.
This was Jen's craft, the countdown blocks
And Jessie's craft. Notice the "october" at the top. The letters are glittery black, which doesn't show up well in the picture. And the orange thing at the bottom is the day marker. It's a magnet you move from one day to the next in the countdown to Halloween. We ate Chinese for lunch and pizza for dinner. Good times! And good company! And fun crafts!


Jenni said…
NO FAIR NO FAIR NO FAIR!!!! Sorry about the pins. I put those in there just to keep you hopping!! I so wish I could have been there. I noticed you only made 3 of each. Hmmmm. Have a great Thanksgiving with everyone!!
Keep in mind that I already HAD a set of Halloween countdown blocks...
Jenni said…
And we all laughed really hard about the Paul/Bon thing.
Jessie said…
I had such a good time! And so did Bon! On the ride home, I kept apologizing that I took so long to craft and made him stay down in the basement and he said "no, I had a GREAT time - her kids were so cool to just hang out with."

And I can't wait to use my creations in 11 months!
Jen said…
I'm so glad we did this! We definitely need to make it an annual thing (just think of all the holiday decorations we'd have in a mere 5 years). I'm happy to have FINALLY have met Bon. He and Jessie are so nice and were fun to be around. I hope my girlies weren't too much of a bother. Violet really can screech to the high heavens.