Mustering up my "can-do" attitude

I was going to title this post "Coping with stress and other fairy tales" but I'm trying not to be whiny.

I have stuff to do today. I also have stuff I hope I can do today. For lack of anything better to blog about, here is a selection of things I have told myself I should do and hope to do:

1. Make my bed-HA! I've done it already!
2. Exercise-my excuse for not having it done already is that Other Jim was using the computer this morning (yes, he is not yet in school today. Don't ask and keep your judgment to yourself, thanks) and since the exercise equipment (aka stationary bike and TV and DVD player) are in the same room, I chose not to bounce my flab around while he was in the same room, which would only serve to make OJ flee from the room and not finish what he was doing.
3. Cook squash for more squash buns-HA! Did that alrea--oh cripes. Forgot to take it out of the oven. brb.
4. Make more squash buns. (I need more hours in my day! Anyone have any spare hours?)
5. Take a test. (I keep bugging the proctor with emails saying "Is it there yet?")
6. I have to go grocery shopping (AGAIN??? My family needs to quit eating! I am constantly having to go to the store!)
7. Shower (pipe dream)
8. Babysit (not a pipe dream)
9. Get ready for craft day (not a pipe dream either; a REALITY. A FUN reality!) This involves cleaning several rooms including the dreaded Black Hole Room of Food Storage and Craft Things (aka the sewing room), and finding and printing and cutting out large letters. And worrying about lunch on Wednesday (dinner is taken care of, thanks to Jim and Papa John's)
10. Sleep (as if)


Jenni said…
Not judging. I am also looking for spare minutes. I'm going to try eBay and craigslist in a minute. I had a little bit of "i hope i can" this morning and "i did." I'm happy that one day of two is done. My students were really put out that we were actually doing stuff. Hello - school day. Glad your test is over. Keep on squashing!
Corollary to "Need more hours" is the "Need more room in the freezer" because it officially filled up 5 minutes ago. I cannot put one more thing in my freezer.
Jen said…
Glad you got most of those things done on your list. One thing I'm extra grateful for is those darn squash buns because your mention of them magnetic phenomenon to take over my body and force 2 squash buns down my throat.