Real life surround sound

First concert of the year last night. Paul, as a member of the marching band, played his french horn. I like the indoor marching band concerts because the kids don't sit on the stage. For the first half of the concert, just the drums and brass are on the stage. The rest of the players line the aisles, surrounding the audience. I like to sit in the middle so I get the full effect.

Speaking of where I sat, I try every concert to sit in a place where I have a full view of whichever child is playing. And every single time, I end up sitting in a seat where the director BLOCKS MY VIEW OF MY CHILD! EVERY TIME. Last night was no exception. In my defense, I thought Paul was going to be on the left side of the stage. But he was not. And I sat about three seats diagonally back of where the drum majors and the director stood so my view of Paul was blocked. (I tried to keep my head banging in frustration to the beat of the music so that I wouldn't be too obvious or detract from the musical experience of the rest of the audience).

It's difficult to tell who is who with everyone wearing the same uniform and having most of their heads covered with large hats so I had to pick out Paul using the algorithm of a) find the french horn players and b) which one is looking the most like he isn't quite sure what is going on. Then I found him right away.

Here are a couple of pictures from during the concert: (I had to extend the camera way out sideways to get around the conductor so I could get these pictures. I was trusting in my camera to get good shots)
Here is a flag passing in front of his face. The flag team was onstage with the band twirling to the music (I put too much trust in the camera and it failed me for this picture. Just kidding. I happen to like how it turned out).The band had yearbook picture time after the concert and all the parents gathered around the gym to watch (and take more pictures).

Unlabeled version:
labeled version:And one last picture of Paul by himself.Paul got to practice driving to and from the concert and did a good job, except when he said that he should practice one handed driving. I told him that I would whap him with my purse if I every caught him driving one-handed. Then he said that he should practice texting while driving too. So he too has been "blessed" with the sarcastic gene.

One other thing he said on the way home amused me, though. The last song of the concert was one by Dragonforce and four guys from the band shed their instruments and grabbed their Guitar Hero guitars and danced around on stage. At the end of the song, one of the guys' guitars was in two pieces. I mentioned to Paul that one of the guys broke his guitar. Paul replied, "No, some of those guitars are pieceable."


So a new word from Paul: Pieceable--the ability something possesses to break down into component parts without damage, and then to reassemble to resume functionality.

He's 15 and he's still making up words without consciously doing so as a joke or to be thought of as witty. I love my Paul! He makes me laugh.


Jenni said…
Great pictures. MOrgan will love that the snoozaphones are labeled. I love his sarcastic remarks!! Those were perfect!! And if peaceable is a word and peace sounds like piece, then pieceable is also a word. I see the logic.
Jen said…
Fun! You did a good job with your tricky photography. Paul looks handsome in his juniform. Glad to see that the sarcastic gene didn't bypass Paul.
Jen, when I told Jim what Paul said about one-handed driving, both Paul and Jimmy said "Well, one time Mike drove us around using only his knees." Never let Mike teach your girls how to drive.
Dennis said…
Mike tried the knee thing with me in the car but that ended quickly. He also came over one day on his motor cycle (AKA crotch rocket) and I had to go home teaching so I rode on the back of his bike. Never again.