Ten things as we launch into November (ACK!)

1. I love fall/autumn. I love driving through a rainstorm of yellow leaves. I love seeing nature hide well-manicured lawns with them and cover streets with them. I spent a little time raking this year only because Fake Child wanted to play outside and jump into a pile of leaves.
2. I remembered my own children doing the same thing, squealing with delight. At the time it seemed like they were taking forever to grow up. But forever turned into yesterday, last year, and several years ago. Now they play frisbee outside in the cold and rain, they go running, they hide in their room and draw anime, they build Lego monuments to Star Wars. And they move away and call home to ask what can they do to help a roommate with sinister, unnamed health issues.
3. I got most of my Halloween decorations boxed up. It's sad to put all that orange and black away. I don't really know why I like Halloween so much. Maybe it's the contrast of light and dark. I love the way the light shines through the jack o' lantern face and creates something new. I love the bright colors (and the dark and ominous ones).
4. I started a new knitting project aside from the new KAL and it's actually going pretty quickly despite having to rip out part of it because somehow it got wonky on me.
5. Paul is done with cross country for the year. The majority of the team, including Paul, had a bad race at sectionals. The weather was crappy and he just didn't feel right. We sighed, we patted, we didn't take pictures because it was raining, and we said, "next year." His main goal for this year was to get under 18 minutes. He was so close with an 18:08 as his fastest time. Next year, we said again. He has two more "next years." Next up is track in the spring.
6. I need to go grocery shopping today.
7. I need to start making assignments for Thanksgiving dinner. Brothers, expect phone calls soon (not that any of you read this. But Jen does, so Jen, start thinking of what Mike can contribute to Thanksgiving dinner. Those pheasant tidbits last year were delish...hint hint hint. And I'm pretty sure Marissa looks at this as well, so Marissa, put the bug in Dave's ear that I will be calling soon).
8. Yes, mom let me be in charge of asking people to bring stuff to Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I'm old enough to handle a little responsibility now. She's still hogging the turkey duty though. And pies. But she makes terrific pies.
9. I'm hungry. I should eat before I go grocery shopping.
10. I can't believe it's already November!


Jen said…
I'm sure Mike already knows he'll be doing something to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner, but I'll get his brain going on it. I love the fall color and leaves, too (as long as I don't have to rake them all up). Stop talking about food because I'm so hungry right now (just got back from a kick-butt workout).
Jenni said…
Yep, Halloween is boxed up and Thanksgiving garb is festooning the mantle and tabletops. Much of the Halloween stuff does double duty. I have to grocery shop today, too. Not looking forward to it. Excited about the knitting project!! Post pictures! Wish we could be there for Thanksgiving, but how about Christmas and New Year's instead?
Jen--FOOD! and good for you for kicking your own butt.

Jenni--is it for sure yet?