Moving dreams and Hayley

I wonder what it means when you have moving dreams? (Moving as in leaving one house to live in another) The apartment we moved to (yes, an apartment) was huge. The master bedroom went on for ages and had all these great built-in bookshelves and a wall of windows to look out over a scenic view. There were hidden passages and nooks and crannies and red velvet curtains. Then we moved in and the staircase was flimsy and collapsed and the tv reception we found out to be a mirrored reflection off the lobby tv sent through a crazy maze of mirrors and a hole in the door. Might it mean that what I want (bigger things) might actually be not what is best for me? Might it mean I'm trying to take control over too much and life is falling apart? Might it mean don't ever move or your husband will hurt himself on a collapsed staircase? Might it mean that I need to go to bed earlier so I don't fall asleep on the couch and have vivid dreams? Oh, who knows what it means. I just woke up and am still suffering from the after-effects of living a completely different life. (What, I have 5 kids? and a tiny TV?)

On to Hayley. Two things.

She was invited to be in the combined middle schools' honor band. The invitation made her very happy! I was almost convinced that she didn't care much about music because she spends most of her time drawing or reading and not talking about band like her big sister used to (and still does now that she's going to play the flute in a volunteer orchestra that will present the Messiah later this month). But this made her very happy. Paul was in this same band (Kate wasn't because they hadn't formed it when she was in the middle school) and enjoyed it for the most part (he didn't like the concert uniform which consisted of black pants, a tux shirt, a bow tie and a cummerbund--DANGIT I FORGOT TO GIVE HAYLEY HER MEASUREMENT SHEET FOR UNIFORM ORDERING!!!! SEE ARE AY PEA!--guess what that is). The honor band is a very good group. They play difficult music and spend time on performance technique. They participate in contests (the equivalent of conference meets for cross country). Last year the group even went to Chicago for a bigger contest and did very well. Cheers to Hayley for making it in! She's been practicing using some program on the computer/web that plays the song as if a school band were playing it and she plays along. It can, through a microphone, chart what she plays and show her where she played notes (wrong and right). It's really a nifty set-up. And she can send her recording to her teacher (over the web) for grading.

Also for Hayley, she babysat for the first time last night! It the first job she had performed for someone outside the family. She said the baby was a little difficult to get to sleep but otherwise she liked it. She REALLY liked getting paid. I wish she'd had more experience with babysitting at home, but that would have meant I had to have more children. And no. But she had a unit on babysitting last year in school and I gave her a few suggestions and told her that I would be just a phone call away. She didn't call and she came home several sheets of green paper with faces on it richer.

I'm finally starting to wake up now and it's time for me to eat breakfast and attend to my babysitting. Fake child is here.


Shantel said…
Yay for Hayley!Congatulations! We just love that girl. She can come help Brooklyn babysit anytime. We'll pay her.;0)
Jenni said…
Good for Hayley!! Morgan would be way interested in that band program. She continues to insist that Florida is the only place that knows what they are doing in band. No matter how we try to impress upon her that we have actually lived other places and know something about some things, she refuses. alas. But, kudos to the band thing. Also, awesome to babysit. That is great. I remember making actualy money and being happy.

I have dreams akin to yours. Usually it is as we are moving out, I discover that we actually had an indoor swimming pool with a lazy river and I never knew it.
Shantel--I'm pretty sure Hayley would be up for some o' that!

Jenni--smartmusic is the name of the program. It's pretty cool! We may not know band up here in MN but someone out there on the interweb does.
Cindy said…
I used to dream about a closet that went on forever and I would find all these wonderful clothes I didn't know I had! Nothing mysterious about that!
Jen said…
Congrats, Hayley! What an honor. SP-You have such a musically inclined family. I hope my girls are as interested in music one day.

That was some dream. I rarely remember my dreams, but they are usually crazy like that if I do remember them. I don't know what to say about what it could mean. Maybe your first theory.
Jeannine said…
I have my most vivid dreams when I have a cold and can't breathe through my nose. Maybe I always have strange dreams but just wake up more often then and remember more. I think your dream means that bigger isn't always better, but we'd still like to try it out and find out for sure. The built-in bookshelves might also represent a secret desire to join me in NaNoWriMo. But then again, maybe it's warning you not to do it since your life might fall apart if you do. I've had too much sugar today. Can you tell?
Someday, Jeannine, someday I will do NaNoWriMo. For now I have my college classes to concentrate on. But I have story ideas written down for the day that I can participate without hindrance!