Veteran's Day

To all the servicemen and servicewomen in various parts of the world: A big hug and thank you! You are doing something that most of the rest of us, for various reasons, usually back away from doing. You put your life where your beliefs are and actively chose to be the protectors of national freedom. Now whether or not our country's leaders have used the armed forces wisely is not something I will debate. Regardless of that ongoing debate, I respect those who have chosen to enter the military. And I want to thank their families too. I have seen their sacrifices up close. Fake child's father is in the middle of a deployment to a far away place and I have seen the worry on FC's mother's face in and out these past months. So thank you, veterans, for being there for the country!

(And thank you also for your sacrifice so the people who make up holidays would make one up for the veterans so that Jim could get a day off work in his cube so he could come look at good art with me. Hello, Louvre exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts! His presence will make up for lack of mail and bank services.)


Jen said…
Mike is off from work today, too. And what do you suppose he's doing on this free day? Pheasant hunting. Does it surprise anyone?

I, too, appreciate the sacrifices that the men and women of the military make for us each day and make it possible for me to have all my freedoms that I enjoy.