But there is so much more to research!

I just wanted to report that I have nearly finished my Scottish History research project!!! All I have to do is attach some neatly printed tabs to the page dividers and send the binder off to my professor.

You know, I say this about nearly every class I finish, but I think this has to be my favorite class so far. The research I did was personal in nature and connected me in a very real way to my Scottish heritage. I probably didn't turn up anything that hadn't already been done, but letting others do the work was not going to connect me to my ancestors. And as for the work that had already been done, I have proof of what has been done in the way of photocopies of old parochial registers and civil records, proof which I haven't ever seen before.

Oh, I dearly loved scrolling through the Rathen Old Parochial Register microfilm! I am willing to wager that I'm related to most of the names listed in it. I envision myself someday sitting down with the Rathen OPR and going through each entry and creating family groups and linking everybody together!

The hardest part of the research project was STOPPING. There are so many links to follow, so many names to find and put in the appropriate boxes. But of course, I had to stop somewhere or I would never finish the class.

Now I have to study for the final exam. I could actually finish this class when I had planned to finish it! (not so for my Humanities class, but once this class is complete, I can devote all my time to Humanities. I am halfway done with it)

Hooray! (dance of happiness)


Jen said…
Well done, Sara. I'm sure it must have been really fascinating to learn more about your Scottish roots. Even though it's sad to be done, I'll bet it's also a relief to check off another class from your list.
Jenni said…
Yay!! Good for finishing!! When something is enjoyable like that,you are motivated to finish!