Wolf Ridge report from field reporter Matt

And Matt is back. He had a great time and he took quite a few pictures. I can't begin to tell you everything he learned and shared with me. He remembered all kinds of exciting facts about geology, Ojibway heritage, and wildlife in general. He got to go rock climbing and he had fun on the ropes course. He trod the "Stairs of Doom" and survived.

Some pictures:

Here he is with his friend Colin as they are about to dig into an "owl pellet" (aka owl vomit) to figure out what the owl has been eating.
His owl pellet had two rodents and a part of a mole. Here Matt reconstructs one of the skeletons from the bones in the owl pellet.
A deer Matt saw in the mist
A horned owl during the raptor demonstration
A porcupine brought into the class "Animal Signs"
A nifty picture of the misty forest. Matt says he thinks he was taking a picture of a bird but we can't pick it out.
A happy Matt waits for his turn on the ropes course.
And away he goes! He said he was the first one in his group to go on the ropes course and he was a little scared but once he got started he enjoyed it. He said that he almost got stuck on the zip line because he wasn't heavy enough to zip all the way to the end. His friend had to grab his foot and pull him to the end where he could get off. He should have filled his many pants pockets with rocks to weigh himself down.
Matt is on the Rainbow Bridge
Matt on the rocks
I asked him what his favorite class was at Wolf Ridge and he said, "All of them." He loves to learn. He stores facts like bees store honey.

Welcome home, Matt! The voice is back!


Jen said…
How fun! It looks like Matt thoroughly enjoyed himself. I wish I could do a trip like that. Hopefully, my girls will one day get a fieldtrip/overnight like that.
Jenni said…
He did a great job at taking pictures!! Sometimes it is hard to get pictures of yourself doing things. What a fun place. He looked like he missed his family a lot. Lots of crying and refusing to participate!!