Christmas and geography (and mother guilt)

The setting: in the kitchen baking cookies

The ambiance: listening to Christmas music, specifically Nat King Cole's rendition of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

Matt says to me, "What is this person singing? 'With th' angelic coastal plains?' What does that have to do with Christmas?" (Nat was singing the line "With th' angelic host proclaims...") heeheehee!

And as I was typing this little anecdote, Matt burned two fingers probably pretty badly on a little lamp I left out by the stove. I had just blew out the flame on it and left the kitchen to type this. He got curious because he had never seen the lamp before and touched the really hot part. I feel awful for having left it out where a curious pre-teen boy can reach and touch it. Sigh.


Jen said…
So sorry for Matt's little fingers. I hope he recovers quickly and without much pain.