Winter snooze-a-thon

Other Jim and Paul appear to be having a contest to see who can sleep in the longest on a school's-canceled-because-of-the-weather day. I'm trying very hard not to interfere with the contest, although I did make Paul get up to feed the cats earlier because Magic and Servo were following me around and drooling.

Matt and Hayley are up and getting down to business playing. There is much to be played when school is not in session. There are things to draw, things to color, things to pretend, and DS and Wii games to be played. I will also interfere with their plans with my own list of things to do like vacuuming and practicing and sweeping and helping with food preparation.

After that, I'll leave them alone and hope they do likewise to me. I have a test to study for.

Yesterday's recap:
Party planning for our Relief Society Christmas party. I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that it is over and done with. I had a heckuva day getting ready for it.

Ten things I learned about party planning:
1. Even though I think I have large marshmallows in the cupboard--I might even be 100% positive I have large marshmallows in the cupboard--I'd better check beforehand. Halfway through the cookie baking process is a REALLY BAD time to find that I was wrong.
2. Ditto flour. I learned that finding out that there is no flour is even worse than finding out about lack of large marshmallows because I found out about the flour situation AFTER I had already gone to the store for marshmallows.
3. Whole wheat flour IS an acceptable substitute in the type of cookies I made.
4. Look harder for flour. I found a bag of it in the food storage closet AFTER I finished the cookies.
5. Licking the cookie batter off the beaters soothes panic attacks related to inadequate pantries.
6. So is licking the leftover frosting out of the pan.
7. And feeding the kitties some treats.
8. Rising dough is hardier than I thought. The bundt pan full of rolls did NOT actually mutiny when I removed it from a warm oven and put it in the fridge. Personally, if I had been the rolls? The baker would have been dead meat.
9. DO LAUNDRY. 'nuff said.
10. I sleep really really well after the party is over.


Jen said…
I had a kiddo home from school yesterday, too, but not because of whether but because of illness. Glad you could wake Paul long enough from his slumber to feed those drooling kitties.

Hooray that your party went off without a hitch. I'm sure you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved now. Next time DELEGATE! Even if it means things won't go exactly as planned. For your own sanity.
What is this "delegate?"
Jenni said…
My kids have been debating and wondering if your kids would be off from school. No fair! We are starting to get really excited about visiting. Maddie has saved up her $$ for the Mollica Merica. I'm glad the party went so well. Tape that list to the fridge.