We've decided that Nomrom is a family version of a linger-longer to celebrate the cultural aspects of being a Latter-day Saint. Or it's a larger Family Home Evening--one that includes dinner.

Our Nomrom feast had:

A cream of mushroom soup based casserole topped with cheese (in this case Chicken Divan)
funeral potatoes (also with cheese)green jello with mysterious fruit chunks

a pop-and-sherbet-based punch
all eaten on golden plates.
Except the punch, of course. That we drank out of paper cups scrounged from our food storage. Before we ate, though, we had to sing a Nomrom carol, "Popcorn Popping" complete with actions.
Then the feasting began. We all sat around a large table with the extra leaf put in to symbolize large families and our "extra" children.
Next year, I hope to add a recitation of family history and a talent show for the showing off of new skills gained from Personal Progress, Duty to God, or Faith in God programs.

We were lucky enough to celebrate Nomrom with the Smiths this year. They slept over Sunday to Monday and had a very nice time with them, although Travis was miserable. Sorry about the cat dander, Travis! Poor guy. The kids and Travis all went to the Mollica Merica (what Matt once called the Mall of America) on Monday and hung out with each other. Jen and I stayed at home and knitted things and watched "Fawlty Towers." OH--after our Nomrom celebration on Sunday night, we watched "Twilight" with Rifftrax and laughed for nearly two hours. My sides hurt.

Before the Smiths left for Monday Night Football at Jake's (frowny face for both them leaving and for the actual game) we took some pictures:

Pretty nieces all in a row
and height check for the boys using Aunt Jenni as a yardstick. The last time we did this, Paul was much shorter than Jenni and Jimmy had maybe a half inch on her. Matt still has a ways to go.
And in other pictures, my amaryllis flower has a fifth blossom in this cluster! It's a midget blossom, but still it's there! I LOVE amaryllises! They remind me of Gary, who used to give us one every year for Christmas. We miss you, Grandpa Gary!
One last picture: Gnorman the Gnome. He arrived on Christmas Eve, ready to set up housekeeping (or actually, gardenkeeping) in my miniature garden. Alas, the mini garden is covered with a foot of snow at the moment, but the minute everything thaws out, he'll be out there to tend to the thyme and tiny shrubbery. For now he guards my amaryllis.


Mike said…
I knew I was forgetting something. I forgot to get my amaryllis this year!!!!
Jenni said…
Looks like we had a good time!! I thought about the "Twilight" selection for Nomrom and found it appropo on account of because it is definitely a part of Mormon culture, although most people don't know it. Perfect!!