A little more of Christmas day

Christmas afternoon and evening brought cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles to our house for a very informal (I hadn't showered until people had started showing up, and nor had I done anything for food except heated up the punch and I certainly hadn't cleaned anything or done the least bit of housework) buffet dinner.

Here we are. And dangit, I forgot to get a picture of us siblings and our spouses. Oh well. Sorry, Steph, Travis, and Jim. Anyway, here am I with two of my siblings, Jake and Jen, and my dad and stepmom, Sharon. I'm glad you all came to my house so I didn't have to drive anywhere. Sorry if my house was a mess. Actually, I'm not all that sorry. My house is what it is and we are happy here.
Next up are some of the grandkids with their grandparents. Names in alphabetical order (aside from grandparents): Dylan, Hayley, (Other) Jim, Maddie, Matt, Maya, Morgan, Paul, and Rozzie. The children are not sitting in alphabetical order so if you don't know my nieces and nephews and children by name, uh, you're out of luck?
The other news of the day is that Matt finished his big Star Wars Lego kit in one day. This was 1,408 pieces of Lego blocks, two booklets of instructions, and a lower age limit of 14. Matt had no trouble with it, except for several minutes of looking for one "lost" piece that turned out to have been overlooked, not lost. Matt is very proud of his Tantive IV spaceship.
And it looks like I have a new interactive sculpture for the living room. OJ set up his disc golf hole and has been PLAYING disc golf in the house. Nothing has been broken yet, knock on wood, but it's just a matter of time.
Jake joked that we could strip the chains and basket off the golf hole and we'd have a Festivus pole for next Dec. 23! I'll have to start paying attention to the ways others have disappointed me and find some grievances over the next year to air at the Festivus dinner.

But first, Jen and fam are coming over tomorrow again to celebrate Nomrom. I'll be breaking out some golden plates (paper ones to eat off of) and we'll be eating green jello, funeral potatoes, and chicken casserole. We'll be singing Nomrom carols like "The Primary Colors" "Book of Mormon Stories" and "Give Said the Little Stream." I was going to bake bread to represent the food storage aspect of Mormon culture, but alas, I didn't get around to it today. We would have eaten the bread with honey, which would represent Deseret. Cheeky, I know, but we'll do anything for a few laughs with family.


Micah said…
Thanks for the down low on Nomrom. I think we'll celbrate tonight for family night
Jen said…
Looks like good times. Happy [belated] Nomrom Day. I hope you had a great time celebrating.

Wow to Matt for having the patience and know-how to put that lego ship together. And make sure to save your Festivus pole for next year because I'll have mine ready, too.
Mike said…
I got a buddy of mine a festivus pole two years ago. It was as advertised, "lusterless aluminum pole, 6 ft". Spectacular.