The other reason for Christmas: family time

I don't want to give short shrift to my other post of today so if you haven't seen it or don't know that it existed, go here. Please don't think I am tootin' my own horn here and saying that you should read this post because it's really good; I'm just saying that it's a little slice of what I believe to be the real reason for celebrating Christmas. The stuff I am posting now is a return to my self-centered writing exercises and my desire to show off my children to their grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends, etc.

I wish I had remembered to bring my camera to my mother's house so I could get video footage of the drumming. Step-brother-in-law Todd (drummer for an 80s hair band that was big here in the Twin Cities and all around great guy) brought some percussional instruments, and Owen and Maya (nephew and niece respectively) had a mind-blowingly good time thumping them pagan skins (obscure Beatles reference. Name the context for 12 points and a leftover Christmas cookie).

Another musical act was "the basement band." I forced Paul to bring home his french horn for the winter break from school and bought him a Christmas music book that matched the one for clarinet that Hayley had and the strings one that the Smith girls had. 'Nother cousin Sophie held the book and chose the songs for the basement band to play (called the basement because that's where they practiced for 15 minutes before their gig) out of the songbook. There was as much giggling as there was musicking (Morgan thought Paul was playing the wrong notes, but it turned out that SHE was, and that required a full five minutes of laughter. It's fun to get Morgan to laugh!) but in the end, they got it together enough to make the songs recognizable. We all crowded into Mom's living room to hear them, and they made a joyful noise!

After that, Matt wanted to get in on the musical action and he busted out his Christmas piano book and played three songs for us. Then Sidney wowed us with leaps, splits, axles, and flips. She's into figure skating--if only we had turned Mom's living room carpet into a rink!

This morning, the rush of paper opening lasted only a few minutes, but I do believe no one was unhappy.

Other Jim got a bunch of hi-tech frisbees and a portable disc-golf hole.
He's going to have to wait a bit to play with his stuff because of this:
We got a load of snow overnight and it continues to fall and pile up. And so while the snow continues to put a hold on disc golf, OJ hibernates.
Hayley got a GIANT fan. We'll be using her fanning capabilities during the summer months to supplement the air conditioning.
Matt got a bunch of Lego blocks to add to his already vast collection of foot-gougers. He's smiling all over because this set comes with a teeny-tiny Lego C3PO, which will replace the one he lost in the miasmatic fog of can't-remember-where-I-had-it-last.
Matt will be doing this all day long. Notice how the pieces are sorted by size? Perhaps there is a little of Paul in Matt.
Paul got an invisible bike. Isn't it cool?
Jim and Magic sit together in mutual adoration (not really. Magic just barely tolerates Jim in this tableau)We talked to Katie over the phone while she opened her presents--she had them for over a week and resisted the urge to open them prematurely. She spent Eve with the Wrights, and this afternoon she's going to her roommate's relative's house and then tonight she's going to the home of someone from church. She sends holiday greetings to everyone. And she cleaned her room!

Merry Christmas!


Jenni said…
Great pictures as always. Looks like fun!! More fun will be had this afternoon, when we show up and get things whipped into a frothy frenzy. Sounds like hot chocolate!! It has been a fun trip for us and that includes all a-youse. I plan to upload all the pictures in the next day or two and then spend some time updating my blog and will post some picture of the Christmas Eve fete. See you in about 2 (hours that is).
Jen said…
Oh, the basement band sounds like so much fun! I wish we could have been there to witness it.

Nice pics of the kids. Glad they are all happy with their gifts.

Merry Christmas!