I woke up this morning and reminded myself that El Greco had a hard time finding patronage for his paintings.

I pulled on some pants and reminded myself that Schopenhauer is not the maiden name of my sister-in-law who likes to browse at the mall (rim shot. OK not rim shot, just a very lame joke with a limited set of folks who would even get it) but a philosopher with a negative view of mankind. Something about human desires cause suffering.

I grabbed my box of cereal and reminded myself that Bach and Handel were Baroque musicians and that Bach composed, among other things, fugues, and Handel was known for oratorios.

I ate my cereal reminding myself that Cervantes mocked the medieval tales of chivalry through his great novel (which I tried to read once as a teenager but gave up on it) Don Quixote.

It's going to be that way the rest of the day.

I'm swimming in Humanities information and drowning. I can't wait to empty the pool of Humanities knowledge tomorrow when I take the test.


I love El Greco and Cervantes. REally. I've been to see both of their stuff in Spain.
I'll have to try reading it again. I read the exerpt chapters in the textbook and it was much easier to read.
Jen said…
You lost me at the mention of El Greco, so I hope your test gets all that garbledygook out of your brain and fast. To which sister-in-law are you referring? My maiden name is Hauer (which is part of Schopenhauer). I honestly can't remember what the other sister-in-law's maiden names are:(
Jenni said…
Yes, Jen, she is referring to YOU!! (shopping Hauer) Good luck, Sara. I know you'll do fine!