Last day

It's the end of the year, and amid tonight's bingeing on store brand Doritos, cheese puffs, and sour cream dip, I'll be thinking about the past year. Just for a lark, I decided to look at my first post of 2009, and whaddyaknow, I had made some resolutions. Hmmm. I don't remember doing that.

Might as well check to see if I actually completed any of them.

from my first post of the year:

Therefore, I, Shoebox Princess resolve to:

1. Buy a new pair of pretty pretty walkaround shoes this spring (maybe even two pairs!). My old sneaks are disintegrating after severe bullying and multiple piledriving by the teegage boys' muscular tennis shoe-boats.

Why did I not remember making this a resolution? I love shoes! I actually did buy a new pair of walkaround shoes but not until November. And I threw out the pairs that were destroyed by the boys' shoes.

2. Restrict the use of pizza delivery to once a week, unless I really need a break from making dinner.

Hey! I did really well with this one and I didn't even know it! I feel pretty good because not only have we restricted the pizza buying to once a week, but I can't remember the last time that I called Jim in a panic and asked him to bring home a bag of fast food burritos. After 21 years, I think I might be getting the hang of making dinner for the family.

3. Keep on blogging nearly daily. I might take a day off here and there, but for the most part, I'll keep pace as usual. Look forward to a first blogging anniversary post March 9th (somewhere around there anyway).

That was a ringer resolution if I ever saw one. Of course I'd blog regularly. It's either blog or do housework. DUH.

4. Do my Saturday chores. I've been slacking, especially when it's my turn to vacuum the basement. Although, if I really just don't have the motivation to do my job, then I am allowed to bribe one of the kids to do it for me.

I might have to carry this one over to next year. (face of shame)

5. Hoard food. My favorite food item to hoard is spaghetti sauce and mayonnaise. Sadly, I won't be hoarding these two items in the girls' room any more and will never over hear a friend of my daughter ask "Why do you have several jars of mayonnaise in your closet?" and I will nevermore be able to answer for my daughter, "I collect mayonnaise!" And I will never see that friend scooch a few inches away and avoid my gaze.

Anyone need a couple dozen boxes of jello? Or several pounds of dried pinto beans? I need to manage better. I have a lot of some stuff, but I found that I ran out of certain items during crucial baking periods (brown sugar, I'm looking at you).

6. Sew something. Maybe that bathrobe that my mother purchased material for me for my 40th birthday over a year ago. Or at least fix a hem. Or perforate paper in a straight line with an unthreaded sewing machine.

Hmmm. Another carryover resolution. But I have two weeks off babysitting and it is one of my goals while not watching fake child to SEW THAT BATHROBE.

7. Practice my Wii power-bowling. Jimmy broke my record and I must practice and get better at it. The record stands at 538 (Paul and Jimmy tied). My best is 512.

Ummm. How about I practiced piano instead?

8. Prune the techny arborvitae. I'm only putting this on the list because a concerned citizen arborist told me I had to.

Oooo, I did this one! But I pruned it only up to as far as I could reach. It's still bushy on top. Another resolution: get Jim to finish what I started.

9. Not ever use the word "threnody" correctly in a spoken sentence or written passage.

It was tough, but I did it! It is SO hard not to insert correct usage of threnody into every sentence out of my mouth!

10. Not make a 10th resolution.

I believe I am most proud of this accomplishment.

Tune in tomorrow to read what I set myself up to fail at or at least forget about for 2010!


Jen said…
Good for you for completing/sticking with most of your resolutions. I don't bother making any because I know the list will be just that, a list only. My lifelong goal though is to stick with a healthy and fit lifestyle. The "fit" part has been working for me the past few months. "Healthy" is still a work in progress.

I wish I had the motivation to blog daily like you. As you can see, I can barely blog more than a couple times a month. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I just can't get compelled enough to do it. I think it may be a little bit of the burnout syndrome.
Jen said…
P.S. HAVE THE HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS!! Wish we could spend it together. I'll get part of you with Mike and Jenni (your sibs) being here.
Jenni said…
So, what are the new resolutions? It is always interesting to look back and see what we thought was going to happen. happy new year and happy puzzling!