If I had taken pictures

If I had taken pictures at the choir concert last night
  • you would have seen Matt with a shrunken hat that didn't quite fit him because it was put in the dryer after being washed.
  • you would have seen several children all dressed in white shirts and dark pants/skirts, wearing scarves, and looking very festive (and slightly rumpled because their series of songs was at the very end of the concert and it's hard to sit still for that long and keep your clothes fresh and untampered with).
  • you would have seen rosy cheeks from the wicked coldness outside
  • you would have seen Hayley with her clarinet because she played a descant for one song, even though she's not in the children's choir anymore.
  • you would not have seen me in the pictures because I would have been taking the pictures. But the reason I didn't take pictures is because I was at the piano. Jim was working so he wasn't able to man the camera either.
Major stress event #2 of the week is now history and I heaved a major sigh of relief when the last note faded into the back wall of the Schmitt Music concert room.

Major stress event #3--my humanities test--is this morning. Wish me luck as I try to keep all the roccoco painters straight. Baroque too. (Warning: incoming bad pun) I hope my brain isn't baroque after I take the test.


Jen said…
Hooray for getting through this heckish week. I hope you are still sane. I think I missed this before your humanities test, so I hope you did great (I already know you did because you are super genius).