Forget what I said about posting more videos

Hayley had a band concert this evening so I'm going to post pictures from that instead of more videos. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting and wanting video clips. I stick my tongue out at you.

Hayley is a member of the 7th-8th grade honor band, and as such, had to wear special concert attire. This is her in her honor band outfit. She is allowed to wear black pants, but I am making her wear skirts. She rarely looks like a proper young lady, preferring sweatpants and sloppy t-shirts to even jeans and regular t-shirts. So it's nice to have her wearing a skirt to somewhere other than church.

This is her regular band, composed of all 7th graders. I think this is the first concert I've attended where I picked a seat with full view of my child. Yay for me!
This is the honor band. She sits way in the back and it's hard to see her.
And here she is, tooting her horn.For a while, I wasn't sure that Hayley liked playing an instrument, but when Mr. Hanson invited her to be a part of the Honor band, she has suddenly appeared to enjoy playing music more.

Mom attended the event and I was glad that she was able to come (and that she found the school without incident--we are grateful for cell phone and GPS technology to help Mom avoid embarrassing directional mishaps). I was also glad that I had kleenexes in my purse because, once again, Mom indulged in her penchant for developing a bloody nose at inopportune times. Poor Mom!

The musical offerings of all the bands were joyous to behold aurally. It was a fine evening for music and the students should be pleased with their performance. Yay for band!


Jenni said…
She looks very nice in her band uni. And if pictures are any judge of music, I'll bet they sounded nice, too. I understand the whole thing "They said we could wear pants, I don't have to wear a skirt." "They said we could wear pajamas and lay on the floor, too." Been there, heard that!! Glad mom made it ok. We have a band concert on Thursday.
Yeah, and I'm not shelling out cash-cash money to buy dress pants, of which she has none, when she has 4--count them, FOUR--black skirts. She even asked last night if she could have dress pants and I said, "NO." She said, "well, only five people wore skirts." I said, "Then you're not alone." And then I asked her if people beat her up for wearing a skirt? She said no. Then she said "What if I said they did?" I said, "I wouldn't believe you. Band people, especially Honor band people are not usually beaters-up of other people." So skirts for her it is!
Jen said…
Hayley looks so old in her uniform (and a bit like a Perkins hostess...LOL). So glad she's enjoying her time in honors band. At first when I looked at the pictures of Hayley playing with her band I thought someone had graffitied the wall behind her with her name on it. Now I see that it was you who "graffitied" it.