Unpacking and finding something missing

I left my brain in Sacramento.
Flat on the road, it calls to me.
While driving that rental car,
Chewing up miles of tar,
It flung itself up in the air
Both lobes, the pair!
My brain waits there in Sacramento
Among the orchards, halfway to Yuba City
When I came home to Minnesota,
I came home brainless, no functionality!

(My sincerest apologies to Tony Bennett and whoever wrote the REAL song, "I Left My Heart in San Fransisco")

I have no idea what my version means. I just came home from my trip and I've spent most of the time since my arrival either sleeping or talking on the phone. I can't seem to quite remember what I do around here so I'm doing a lot of standing around. Laundry? I can't just throw my stuff in the suitcase? Dinner? Where's the Wendy's with the chickens who live next door (and the rooster who crows at 4:30 AM Pacific Standard Time)? Housekeeping? Doesn't the staff around here do that sometime between 11 and 3 PM?

Adjusting: I'm having a bit of trouble doing it.

PS: Life threw my missing brain another curveball this morning and I spent an hour fiddling with the internet, trying to make it work in my house. I should have gone grocery shopping, but instead I was unplugging and plugging cords in various holes, consulting various troubleshooting pamphlets ("if the red system light is on, jump up and down in frustration and take 950 ccs of chocolate STAT"), and finally calling the people in charge of internet breakage. It took them a few hours to rebuild my modem remotely (????) but they did it. Now I can go shopping. Maybe. Or I could sit on my bed and ingest more chocolate. Shopping involves brain activity, and I am currently without any cerebral function. So I may as well dig into the chocolate and crawl under the bed covers.


Jenni said…
Love the new Christmas decor. It is hard to come home and get back to life. When I come to MN for two weeks, I forget that I have another life all together.
Jen said…
At least you had a brain up until then. My got traded for fertility.