Another summer activity with my kids

This time, specifically with my boys.

Get this: we (and by "we" I mean "the boys and I, but mostly the boys") are going to CLEAN THEIR ROOM! My part is going to be mostly saying "Are you sure you need to keep that? Really? Like five years from now you are going to wish you kept that box of cardboard cereal box cut-outs? No. Really. You are NOT keeping that."


It hasn't been cleaned since the Great Room Switch and I'm sure the dust bunnies have multiplied beyond my mind's capacity to comprehend. That and there are ants on the floor.


Jenni said…
My favorite quote: "I've been cleaning my room all day." To which I replied, "No you haven't or else you would be done by now."

It is a horrid activity. Remember Rozzie and her 6 garbage bags. No one wants 6 garbage bags full of trash in their room, and yet we have it!
Yeah, I've heard and said that before!

We have multitudinous sneeze fests going on since both OJ and Matt are fiercely sensitive to dust.

There will not be as much garbage as Rozzie had or as much as had come out of Katie's room when she moved, or from Hayley's room when we cleaned it a couple of months ago, but the ant infestation needed taking care of.

I have not as yet had to lift a finger, but my voice has been doing a lot of directing.
Jen said…
Why do kids let their rooms get that way? I swear I was never like that as a kid/teenager. Really, I wasn't. In fact, I remember going over to my friend Rebecca's house and helping her organize her room in high school. That girl had coloring books from preschool. Issues! We hauled out several garbage bags from her room that day. Her mom and dad were were worse pack rats and didn't like me much after that.

Amazingly, the girls still manage to pile a bunch of crap in their room under my nose, but I try to go in there monthly to clean the junk out. Again, what is wrong with people!?!?