I am morally obligated to post today

And I'm happy to do it because OJ is EIGHTEEN.
I can't quite reconcile that little boy with the young man that he has become.

This is his cake. We had his birthday dinner and cake last night (even though OJ's birthday is actually today) because he works tonight. Yes, he is officially an adult, as evidenced by him NOT complaining that he has to work on his birthday.
Other Jim wanted a reference to his future at college on his cake, hence the BYUI. I realize the blue is too light, but I ran out of blue food coloring and didn't have time to get more. I like working with fondant (even though it's nasty-tasting). It's not as scary or difficult as I thought it would be.

This afternoon Jim and I will be taking OJ to his restaurant of choice for our traditional birthday date with the birthday child. OJ picked Chipotle. Then we will be picking up OJ's birthday/graduation present at Best Buy--a laptop for college. OJ and I picked it out yesterday. He's excited. I paid with cash. I am pleased with myself for saving my money little by little for TWO WHOLE YEARS so that we could help him out this way. I didn't borrow from the stash, and I didn't quit putting money in it. I've already started the stash for Paul. Two years is not that long.

Anyway, happy birthday to my oldest boy! He'll be ordained an elder tomorrow!


Jenni said…
Happy Birthday to the man that is OJ. Cool Cake!! That is really kindof an odd feeling, I guess. I'll be there soon enough with one of mine. Anyway, enjoy the food tonight. I love that kind of food!!
Jen said…
Happy birthday, Jimmy. It's hard to believe you officially an adult and heading off to college. I won't forget those cute dimples in many of my wedding pictures. You've made your family proud.