It's nearly the end of August and I haven't done many fun things with the kids. Some of them, because of their advanced age, don't care. I wouldn't care much either because I am not of the mind that a mother (at least this mother) has to provide constant entertainment for her children. But I do like going to the beach, and I've missed that this summer. So we went. And I brought the camera along in hopes of taking pictures of my cute little kids playing in the sand with saggy diapers. Too bad I don't have any cute little kids with saggy diapers who play in the sand anymore. I had to settle for taking pictures of a teenager and a pre-adolescent, both of whom don't do "cute" things anymore.

They either stand there silently criticizing the general populace with a faint smirk of self-righteousness:

Or they blow raspberries at their parents:
And then they torment each other with games like "I'm going to attack you and you're going to scream like a little baby."

Fun with older non-cute kids. I ignored them and read a book. When I did go in the water, they made fun of me because I wore my sunglasses into the water. Hayley said "Those don't make very good goggles." Then they splashed me with water and called me a baby for not dunking my head right away. I had to gradually get used to the coldness of the water.

I'm going back to not taking them places. Less fun is made of me that way.*

*not really. I had a good time and they did too. I swam and read my book and they paddled around in the water.


Jenni said…
I definitely agree with you that having non-cute kids is a great because we can sit on the beach (or poolside) without hovering like a helicopter to save them from impending doom!! I like to go and read my book, personally!! I enjoyed the little-kids-who-do-cute-things phase a lot, but sometimes I think it is over-rated!! I liked the picture with the descriptions. I'm fairly sure there are freshwater sharks.
Jenni said…
And I think that the phrase is "Nice Hice". That is the plural for house. And Matt does look dissatisfied with the general populace.

It is nice that you have a good day at the beach while we are all thinking it is fall and are back in school. The fact is, it is NOT fall and it is hotter than Hades and we should be at the beach with you.
Jen said…
You mean there will actually come a time when I can enjoy myself at the beach without having to remove a handful of sand from one's mouth or rescue a screaming kindergartner from 1 foot deep water? I just can't fathom it at this time, but I suppose there is a possibility of it one day.

Glad you fit a beach trip into your summer with the kids. I can't believe you went underwater though. I don't think I've done that at the beach since I was a kid. I'm too lazy to re-wash my hair for the day.

I hope none of the sharks bothered you. I've heard they really aren't interested in humans unless you've got a bleeding open wound.