Fun stuff that happened last minute

Yesterday afternoon, we got notice that Jim's brother-in-law Will was in town for a day. He drives a truck all across the country and he had a load to deliver in St. Paul.

Jim invited Will and his driving partner James to come over for for dinner. We couldn't not have them over! Unfortunately for me, I had a seminary kick-off to attend (and at which I had to present some items, since I'm one of the teachers), so I couldn't be there to help get the house or the dinner ready. But Jim was more than capable and he grilled burgers and brats.

I got home from church just in time for dinner to start and for the handle on the deck door to fall off. Will helped Jim fix the door handle--thanks Will! We had a good dinner and conversed about family and plans and all kinds of stuff. They didn't stay much longer after dinner because they'd been on the road for days and days and wanted to get some sleep before the delivery this morning.

We don't get to see anyone from Jim's family very often, so this was a great surprise to see Will. If any other members of Jim's family happen to drive through Minnesota, let us know! We'd love to see you!


Jen said…
What a fun surprise! We've had a few pass-thru visitors like that, and it's nice even if for just a few hours. And even better if you can have the husband do all the cooking;)