Head to Toe

A long long time ago at an elementary school about 25 miles from here, I busted up my left big toe somethin' fierce. The story is legendary among people that are me, so I won't go into it here. Suffice to say that it took the whole summer to heal and it was all my fault, not Jason's. Lesson I learned: Pay attention to the teacher, not to your neighbor who you think isn't doing what he is supposed to be doing. And don't get all self-righteous on your neighbor. Toes get broken, even smashed, as a result.

And now this same toe, thirty years later, is starting to give me fits. As in today marks the third time in the last few months that a blood vessel (perhaps the very same one because it always occurs in the same place) in this toe has broken for unknown reasons. I was sitting in church, minding lots of people's business--particularly Jim's business of making sure my back was being rubbed--JUST SITTING THERE, when I felt an odd but familiar pressure on the underside of my big toe. When I got home, the bruising had already started.

What is the deal, Left Big Toe? Is there a bone shard from the ancient injury that is slicing open some capillary on a regular basis? Or are my veins just naturally fragile? Or have you developed a mean temper that causes you to break things like blood vessels when you are angry? And why the heck would you, as my Left Big Toe, be angry? (Besides the fact that I should lose a couple pounds)

*shakes fist at Left Big Toe*


Jenni said…
yeah. weird. (Kronk voice)

I remember that day well. I even remember the feeling in the school, the wind blowing, the general excitement of summer and a storm brewing all at the same time. I remember the door opening and a scream bursting through the hallway and thinking, "that is my sister." And it was. And I went to sit with you, not knowing what I was supposed to do. And your toenail being green.

The day lives on in infamy. Curse the toe. Sorry it is giving you fits, or bruises.
Jen said…
I've heard the legendary story about left big toe. It is strange that you would still be having odd issues with it even this many years later. Can you get a toe transplant?