After being rejected by many major department stores (I've come to the conclusion that they believed I was too smart to work for them), I was hired on yesterday by the school district's childcare program. I get to work at the closest building to my house that is not a residence or a former Knights of Columbus Hall that is now a church or a city Parks and Rec building. I will work in the mornings for two hours at the local elementary school as one of a team that watches elementary age children before school starts.

It's only two hours a day, but I get a very decent hourly wage, which makes it almost as lucrative as babysitting one child in my own home. I will also be on the sub list for the afternoon shifts in the same program around the district.

I'm kind of glad to ease my way back into the workforce: I'm doing something that I've done for many years, and I have a regular schedule that doesn't interfere (yet) with my own children's after school schedule. And I'm not at the school all day long. I've got my foot in the door at the district.

I start on the 7th of September. Next Thursday, I have an orientation meeting and...the best part....I GET A BADGE. Whee! I've always been jealous of Jim because he has a nifty badge that gets him into his office. Other Jim even has a badge for his big-box-store job! And I'm sure Kate has a badge for her job. Now I get one!

(I'm not really that excited about a badge)


Jeannine said…
Congrats on the job! Our school has fancy ID tags for the teachers that also unlock the doors. I wasn't important enough for one of those so I just have a regular badge and a key to the building. I like keys though. Keys make me feel important.
Dennis said…
Congratulations!! That's cool that you get a badge. I like badges, they make a person feel important because not everyone gets a badge. Even snotty parents that come to the school don't have badges but you can flash your cool badge at them and show them that you are more imprtant than they are.
Really, I'm very happy for you.
Jen said…
Hooray for you! If you need any pointers for your job, I can probably help out since I had the same job at the Chanhassen Elementary School when I first moved here (I also did the same thing in Indy for a year). I'm so glad for this opportunity for you. Yes, getting your foot into the school district's door will definitely help you out for future positions. And, you're on the sub list? Does that mean you'll be able to sub now? Woweee!

P.S. I always adored my job badges, too. It's definitely a huge sense of POWER! Huuuuu (picture me flexing all bodybuilder style)!!!
Jenni said…
I'm really happy for you. The kids asked if we can stop praying for you. Maddie included you in her prayer this morning along with being thankful that today is Thursday (which means tomorrow is Friday) she was thankful you got a job. I am, too. Something just right usually comes up. I'm glad it did.
Jen-not subbing for actual classes. Subbing for the afternoon after-school program.

Jenni-Yes, the family can stop praying for me now. And you can tell them that prayer works and thank you for keeping me in them as long as you have.