Over the river and through the woods...

a-cross-country running we go!

Well, Paul goes. I stood and watched. And took the occasional picture.

It was time trial day for the high school cross country running team. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have already seen over the last two years a multitude of pictures of Paul running, but since that's the only thing that's going on around here, you gotta look at some more.

Here is a picture of the beginning of the race. Paul is fifth from the left. Take a good look at this picture. Compare it to the picture I took of the boys at the halfway point.
The halfway point (Paul is the one on the right. No he's not in first. The guy in first was several seconds ahead):
Did you compare? Did you notice a difference in the runners?

Yep, most of them at some point shed their shirts. We parents were standing at a corner a few hundred yards into the race and all of a sudden, the mass of boys underwent a group molting. It was almost dance-like in movement. And after the boys passed, it looked like Woodstock had taken place right there. There were shirts everywhere on the ground. Some parents were nice and picked up the shirt that belonged to their sons. I was mean and left Paul's on the ground for him to pick up later. If he wants to chuck stuff on the ground, he has to pick it up.

Here he is at the end of the race, in second place.

He made varsity for the third year in a row. Woohoo!


Jen said…
2nd place! I'd say that's something to celebrate about. Way to go, Paul. He's looking way older, too.
TaterBean said…
YAY Paul!! He'll be varsity next year too I bet! :D
Jenni said…
Good for Paul!! Although, I think that your skills could have been used to point Paul out on the 1st picture. I know you said "5th from the left" but then I had to count.

He is looking much more manly these days. And I don't mind looking at more pictures of Paul running, band performances, cats, pumpkins, or whatever you put up on your blog. I like it all!