Cool runnings


Am SOOOO cold.

My bones are made of ice, I tell you.
I'm considering hopping into the freezer to WARM UP.

I sat for 3 1/2 hours in 45 degree, rainy weather in the bleacher section to watch Paul run three races (however, I got there late and missed the first one). I brought an old bath mat to sit on because I knew the benches would be wet, I brought my umbrella, and I wore thermals and wool socks.

I'm still cold.

I sat.

I was too cold to do anything except blow on my hands and hold the umbrella.

Surprisingly, time went pretty fast while I was waiting for Paul's next race. Or maybe I was too cold to perceive the passage of time.

After his second race, I went back to my van and sat in the running vehicle, with the heat blasted so my toes would unfreeze.

Then I waited for the last race.

I got out of the van to watch the second race and immediately my body core temp dropped close to absolute zero.

Paul ran in his flimsy, thin, sleeveless track uniform. Just looking at him made me even colder.

I took no pictures because my camera absolutely refused to leave her case because it was too cold out.

Paul's team (the entire boys' track team) took first place and got a trophy.

I got the sniffles.

So cold.


Mithun Biswas said…
Hey, just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog! Feel free to check out mine, I'm fairly new to blogging :)
Jen said…
I gotta say I'm cold justnreading this post. I don't blame you for not taking pictures. You're a good am though for sticking out for Paul.