Tracking Paul

Did you know it is track season? In fact, it has been track season for several weeks. In honor of track season, I will post two pictures of Paul running on a track.

Paul doesn't usually run relays, but he gave it a try last week. He ran the second leg of the 4 x 800 (he had to run two laps)

Here he is running the 3200m
It was a very windy and cold meet--temperature was in the low 40s. I wore a fleece lined jacket and a scarf, in addition to my regular uniform of jeans, socks, shirt, shoes and sunglasses. Compare that with what Paul is wearing above. He was freezing. He's wearing the gloves because if he didn't, his fingers would lose blood circulation and turn a really gross shade of waxy light yellow. It's happened often and it always weirds us out. He couldn't wear gloves during the relay because he had to actually hold onto the baton. Gloves=drop the baton.


Jenni said…
From what I know about relays, it is really important to hold onto the baton.

Nice to see Paul running again. It doesn't look cold.
Jen said…
You got some good action shots. I can say with certainty that I would have pretended to be sick if I knew I'd be running in 40 degree weather. Brrrr! What is it with all the neon shoes I've been seeing lately? These kids do know the 80's are over, right? Didn't we sign a treaty or something saying we'd never revisit those fashions?