Ten things on a cleaning Saturday

1. If ever I enjoyed cleaning, it was today. I cleaned the living room. I removed the trombone and the music pertaining unto it. I washed a plastic cabinet thing on wheels and moved it to another room. I removed backpacks. I went through all the clutter on the half walls. I put away the Valentine's day and Easter decorations. I dusted the piano. I put up a few of Paul's senior picture boards. I arranged the missionary shrine and hung a signature tie that EJ sent home (it's a white tie with the names of all the elders in his MTC district). I vacuumed (including baseboards). There is now NOTHING in the living room that doesn't belong there.
2. I am tempted to not let people in the living room for at least a week, just so I can keep it looking nice.
3. Adding unto the cleanliness of the upstairs, I also decluttered the kitchen counter yesterday.
4. Although, looking at the counter now, someone has put a pizza box (with pizza in it) on the counter. And a couple of plates and a pizza crust. I may have to cordone off the kitchen area too.
6. I am going through the bookshelves downstairs. Lots of books are being relegated to plastic containers in the garage, and some are even going to be (gasp!) given away. I need room for more books (although now that I have a Kindle, I won't be taking up TOO much space with more books).
7. I am toying with the idea of painting my coffee table (that has never had coffee on it). It's kinda dinged up and, um, out of style. A paint job might make me like it more.
8. We inherited a piano bench (without the piano) from the neighbors when they moved. It's now sitting under the window in the living room. What shall I put on it? Plants? Succulents maybe? Catnip?
9. I also cleaned my room.
10. The sewing room/office is next.


Jenni said…
I need to clean so badly and the Easter decor is still sitting out and hasn't even thought about putting itself away.

I'm glad you are having those happy moments. Tell me how long it stays clean.
Mike said…
I cleaned trees off of the ground... but I bet I had the same feeling of satisfaction that you did for your orderly living room. And, I will be just as angry at any Box Elder trees as you are at your kids if they come in and mess up my cleared space!