Prom again

Paul is going to Prom today. He asked a girl from school. True to form, he didn't tell either of his parents. How did I find out? Facebook, of course. A picture of a blonde girl showed up on my news feed and it was tagged with Paul's name.

"That doesn't look like Paul." I thought to myself.

The girl was holding a Post-it note with "Prom? from Paul" written on it. The girl was smiling and doing thumbs-up.

The next time I saw Paul, I asked him what it was all about. He said, "Yeah, I asked Taylor to prom. She's in Italy right now on the band trip, so I had Emily stick the post-it in her suitcase. When she found the note, Emily took a picture and posted it on facebook." 

I know nothing about Taylor beyond what she looks like, courtesy of the picture, what her first and last name are, and that she's on the track team. And that she's a senior.

This is the least involved with Prom that I've ever been. I don't know if that's good or not. We will go to the home of whoever is hosting the picture-taking for photos of course.

Paul has ordered a white tux. All the guys in his group are going white. Paul isn't normally known for spilling his food on himself so that's not so much of a worry.  But any sort of smudge is going to show up.

Pictures later.


Jen said…
I suppose FB is the only way parents of teenagers are going to learn about their kids these days. Well, I hope you can at least snag one picture of Paul all dressed up in his fancy, white tux and maybe of his date, too.
Jenni said…
He is so odd. But, from what you have gleaned from him, she seems decent: blond, band, track. ok.

Good for him securing his own tux, too. Have fun tonight and can't wait for pictures!!
Dennis said…
White tux sounds cool. In my day the fad was powder blue with Bermuda Shorts (formal). Not cool to not tell his mom.